PEAKO CARGO is a POLISH company offering customers a full range of logistics services and supply chain management support. Air, sea, rail or road transport is no secret to us. Our domain also includes customs clearance, warehousing and contract logistics, so we provide comprehensive services and SCM support

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A forwarding company acts for the benefit of the ordering party. Obligations of a freight forwarder include: organising carriage, starting with the selection of a means of transport, through cargo transport consultancy, to unloading.

The UN number concerns the type of hazardous substance. These include liquids, gasses and solids. The substances are divided into 9 classes.

Customs value is the value of the goods with all additional costs (usually the costs of international transport). It forms the basis for the calculations of customs and tax duties when goods are being brought from outside the EU. The customs value is applied for the purposes of the Common Customs Tariff and non-tariff measures provided for in EU regulations.

It is a type of a warehouse that is controlled by the Customs Office, which makes it possible to postpone customs clearance if it cannot be conducted. Goods can be stored in that warehouse for a maximum of 90 days. The main document which allows storage is the DSK – Temporary Storage Declaration.

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